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  • 从222名结直肠癌患者中分离获得603份转移瘤及原发性肿瘤全切片样本,对其中的免疫细胞进行定量分析;
  • 原发性肿瘤、同时性转移瘤、异时性转移瘤之间的存在免疫细胞浸润的异质性及突变的多样性;
  • 基于原发性肿瘤核心区域及侵袭边沿的细胞毒性/记忆性T细胞的免疫评分(Immunoscore)与转移瘤数量呈负相关,小转移瘤中的免疫评分及T/B细胞评分较低;
  • 接受抗EGFR治疗后,转移瘤核心区域中的免疫基因表达发生变化,且T细胞密度显著增加。
Cancer Cell上发表的一项最新研究,在超过200名结直肠癌患者的样本中发现,原发性肿瘤与转移瘤的免疫细胞浸润有很大差异,在浸润较少的转移瘤中,免疫表型与患者的预后显著相关。
Cancer Cell [IF:26.602]

The Link between the Multiverse of Immune Microenvironments in Metastases and the Survival of Colorectal Cancer Patients



2018-12-10, Article

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Treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer is based upon the assumption that metastases are homogeneous within a patient. We quantified immune cell types of 603 whole-slide metastases and primary colorectal tumors from 222 patients. Primary lesions, and synchronous and metachronous metastases, had a heterogeneous immune infiltrate and mutational diversity. Small metastases had frequently a low Immunoscore and T and B cell score, while a high Immunoscore was associated with a lower number of metastases. Anti-epidermal growth factor receptor treatment modified immune gene expression and significantly increased T cell densities in the metastasis core. The predictive accuracy of the Immunoscore from a single biopsy was superior to the one of programmed cell death ligand 1 (PD-L1). The immune phenotype of the least-infiltrated metastasis had a stronger association with patient outcome than other metastases.

First Authors:
Marc Van den Eynde,Bernhard Mlecnik,Gabriela Bindea

Correspondence Authors:
Jérôme Galon

All Authors:
Marc Van den Eynde,Bernhard Mlecnik,Gabriela Bindea,Tessa Fredriksen,Sarah E Church,Lucie Lafontaine,Nacilla Haicheur,Florence Marliot,Mihaela Angelova,Angela Vasaturo,Daniela Bruni,Anne Jouret-Mourin,Pamela Baldin,Nicolas Huyghe,Karin Haustermans,Annelies Debucquoy,Eric Van Cutsem,Jean-Francois Gigot,Catherine Hubert,Alex Kartheuser,Christophe Remue,Daniel Leonard,Viia Valge-Archer,Franck Pagès,Jean-Pascal Machiels,Jérôme Galon