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  • DAS Tool是一个新的宏基因组分箱工具;
  • 该工具可整合多个现有分箱工具的结果,使用一致的方法生成非冗余、高质量分箱结果;
  • 将其应用于模拟微生物群落、不同复杂程度的宏基因组样品,以及真实的人肠道、水体和土壤宏基因组数据;
  • 发现与ABAWACA,CONCOCT,MaxBin、MetaBAT等单一工具相比,该方法的结果更完整、更准确;
  • 且可集成ESOM等手动分箱方法,并将其与其它分箱算法的结果结合起来,具有高度的扩展性。
Nature Microbiology上发表的一篇方法学文章,介绍了一种新的宏基因组分箱工具——DAS Tool,可用于分析各类宏基因组样品,包括人体肠道、水体、土壤的宏基因组数据。

Recovery of genomes from metagenomes via a dereplication, aggregation and scoring strategy



2018-05-28, Article

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Microbial communities are critical to ecosystem function. A key objective of metagenomic studies is to analyse organism-specific metabolic pathways and reconstruct community interaction networks. This requires accurate assignment of assembled genome fragments to genomes. Existing binning methods often fail to reconstruct a reasonable number of genomes and report many bins of low quality and completeness. Furthermore, the performance of existing algorithms varies between samples and biotopes. Here, we present a dereplication, aggregation and scoring strategy, DAS Tool, that combines the strengths of a flexible set of established binning algorithms. DAS Tool applied to a constructed community generated more accurate bins than any automated method. Indeed, when applied to environmental and host-associated samples of different complexity, DAS Tool recovered substantially more near-complete genomes, including previously unreported lineages, than any single binning method alone. The ability to reconstruct many near-complete genomes from metagenomics data will greatly advance genome-centric analyses of ecosystems.

First Authors:
Christian M K Sieber

Correspondence Authors:
Susannah G Tringe,Jillian F Banfield

All Authors:
Christian M K Sieber,Alexander J Probst,Allison Sharrar,Brian C Thomas,Matthias Hess,Susannah G Tringe,Jillian F Banfield