Nature Reviews:NAFLD的肠道菌群标志物(综述)
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  • 动物和人群研究均表明,肠道菌群与非酒精性脂肪性肝病(NAFLD)的发生、发展有关;
  • 在脂肪变性和非酒精性脂肪性肝炎患者体内,变形菌门丰度增加;
  • 肝硬化患者远端肠道内存在某些口腔细菌,但是其体内普氏粪杆菌丰度降低;
  • NAFLD患者和2型糖尿病患者共享一些菌群标志物,比如梭菌属和乳杆菌属;
  • 不同研究结果中,NAFLD对应的菌群差异可能与地域、种族、人群特点、菌群测序工具、疾病诊断工具、疾病谱、用药和昼夜节律有关。
发表在Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology上的综述性文章。文章指出了寻找与非酒精性脂肪性肝病(NAFLD)相关菌群标志物的意义,以及现有研究结果所呈现的共有结论(菌群和菌群代谢物),并指出了非一致结论产生的原因。未来的研究应该将这些影响菌群的因素考虑在内,也要考虑其在临床上的应用性。一些高新技术手段,比如深度学习和多组学技术,将助力菌群标志物的研究与发现。

Gut microbiota and human NAFLD: disentangling microbial signatures from metabolic disorders



03-09, Review

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Gut microbiota dysbiosis has been repeatedly observed in obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus, two metabolic diseases strongly intertwined with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Animal studies have demonstrated a potential causal role of gut microbiota in NAFLD. Human studies have started to describe microbiota alterations in NAFLD and have found a few consistent microbiome signatures discriminating healthy individuals from those with NAFLD, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or cirrhosis. However, patients with NAFLD often present with obesity and/or insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus, and these metabolic confounding factors for dysbiosis have not always been considered. Patients with different NAFLD severity stages often present with heterogeneous lesions and variable demographic characteristics (including age, sex and ethnicity), which are known to affect the gut microbiome and have been overlooked in most studies. Finally, multiple gut microbiome sequencing tools and NAFLD diagnostic methods have been used across studies that could account for discrepant microbiome signatures. This Review provides a broad insight into microbiome signatures for human NAFLD and explores issues with disentangling these signatures from underlying metabolic disorders. More advanced metagenomics and multi-omics studies using system biology approaches are needed to improve microbiome biomarkers.

First Authors:
Judith Aron- Wisnewsky,Chloé Vigliotti

Correspondence Authors:
Karine Clément

All Authors:
Judith Aron- Wisnewsky,Chloé Vigliotti,Julia Witjes,Phuong Le,Adriaan G Holleboom,Joanne Verheij,Max Nieuwdorp,Karine Clément