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  • 给40名个体IV型抗性淀粉(RS4s,分别为玉米、土豆及木薯的衍生物)或可消化淀粉干预,分析肠道菌群;
  • 仅玉米和木薯RS4s能影响肠道菌群β和α多样性,提高具有底物特异性OUT的丰度;
  • 玉米和木薯RS4s可增加利用RS4s产短链脂肪酸(丁酸、丙酸)微生物的丰度,且对肠道菌群影响有剂量依赖,35 g/d的剂量或达到平台期;
  • 个体对RS4s反应不同,但主要影响(对底物特异性菌群富集和剂量依赖性)一致;
  • 人淀粉分解细菌对RS4s黏附和利用存在差异。
膳食纤维对肠道菌群的影响通常被认为是有益的。然而,尚不清楚是否可以通过利用微小结构差异的膳食纤维,精确并可预测地调节肠道微生物群,尤其是肠道菌的代谢活动。Cell Host and Microbe最近的研究,纳入40名健康个体,分别给予3种结构差异较小的化学改性抗性淀粉(分别为玉米、土豆及木薯的衍生物,化学结构和颗粒大小不同) 膳食纤维及可消化的玉米淀粉干预,分析肠道菌群结构。结果表明,结构差异较小的抗性淀粉对肠道菌群产生不同的、高度特异性的影响,并直接影响短链脂肪酸的产量。如玉米IV型抗性淀粉可特异性富集Eubacterium rectale,增加丁酸产量;木薯IV型抗性淀粉则特异性富集Parabacteroides distasonis,增加丙酸含量。并且,抗性淀粉对肠道菌群影响有剂量依赖性,35 g/d的剂量或使其作用达到平台期。

Precision Microbiome Modulation with Discrete Dietary Fiber Structures Directs Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production



01-30, Article

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Dietary fibers (DFs) impact the gut microbiome in ways often considered beneficial. However, it is unknown if precise and predictable manipulations of the gut microbiota, and especially its metabolic activity, can be achieved through DFs with discrete chemical structures. Using a dose-response trial with three type-IV resistant starches (RS4s) in healthy humans, we found that crystalline and phosphate cross-linked starch structures induce divergent and highly specific effects on microbiome composition that are linked to directed shifts in the output of either propionate or butyrate. The dominant RS4-induced effects were remarkably consistent within treatment groups, dose-dependent plateauing at 35 g/day, and can be explained by substrate-specific binding and utilization of the RS4s by bacterial taxa with different pathways for starch metabolism. Overall, these findings support the potential of using discrete DF structures to achieve targeted manipulations of the gut microbiome and its metabolic functions relevant to health.

First Authors:
Edward C Deehan

Correspondence Authors:
Jens Walter

All Authors:
Edward C Deehan,Chen Yang,Maria Elisa Perez-Munoz,Nguyen K Nguyen,Christopher C Cheng,Lucila Triador,Zhengxiao Zhang,Jeffrey A Bakal,Jens Walter