• 将供体因肥胖而发生改变的肠道菌群移植给受体后,可将供体的肥胖相关表型转移给受体;
  • 肥胖荣昌猪骨骼肌的纤维及脂质代谢特征与较瘦的约克夏猪显著不同;
  • 两种猪的肠道核心菌群、肠道菌群β多样性及分类学分布显著不同;
  • 将肥胖荣昌猪的肠道菌群移植给无菌小鼠,后者有着更高的体脂,并表现出与供体猪相似的骨骼肌纤维及脂质代谢特征。
蓝灿辉 | 热心肠先生
Scientific Reports [IF:3.998]

Gut microbiota can transfer fiber characteristics and lipid metabolic profiles of skeletal muscle from pigs to germ-free mice



2016-08-22, Article

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Obesity causes changes in microbiota composition, and an altered gut microbiota can transfer obesity-associated phenotypes from donors to recipients. Obese Rongchang pigs (RP) exhibited distinct fiber characteristics and lipid metabolic profiles in their muscle compared with lean Yorkshire pigs (YP). However, whether RP have a different gut microbiota than YP and whether there is a relationship between the microbiota and muscle properties are poorly understood. The present study was conducted to test whether the muscle properties can be transferred from pigs to germ-free (GF) mice. High-throughput pyrosequencing confirms the presence of distinct core microbiota between pig breeds, with alterations in taxonomic distribution and modulations in β diversity. RP displayed a significant higher Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio and apparent genera differences compared with YP. Transplanting the porcine microbiota into GF mice replicated the phenotypes of the donors. RP and their GF mouse recipients exhibited a higher body fat mass, a higher slow-contracting fiber proportion, a decreased fiber size and fast IIb fiber percentage, and enhanced lipogenesis in the gastrocnemius muscle. Furthermore, the gut microbiota composition of colonized mice shared high similarity with their donor pigs. Taken together, the gut microbiota of obese pigs intrinsically influences skeletal muscle development and the lipid metabolic profiles.

First Authors:
Honglin Yan,Hui Diao,Yi Xiao,Wenxia Li

Correspondence Authors:
Hong Wei,Daiwen Chen

All Authors:
Honglin Yan,Hui Diao,Yi Xiao,Wenxia Li,Bing Yu,Jun He,Jie Yu,Ping Zheng,Xiangbing Mao,Yuheng Luo,Benhua Zeng,Hong Wei,Daiwen Chen