• 研究健康中国婴儿肠道菌群的定植与发育,并与其他国家婴儿比较;
  • 2月大婴儿的粪菌多样性比新生儿大大增加,韦永氏球菌、梭状芽孢杆菌、拟杆菌、乳酸菌、Collinsella和普氏菌增加,大肠杆菌和肠球菌减少;
  • 顺产婴儿粪菌中拟杆菌、帕拉拟杆菌和巨单胞菌明显占优;剖腹产婴儿的普氏菌、链球菌和trabulsiella占优;
  • 各国婴儿中存在变形菌门、放线菌和壁厚菌门分别占优的P、A、F型肠型,地理分布区别明显,本研究中中国婴儿均为P型。
蓝灿辉 | 热心肠先生
Scientific Reports [IF:3.998]

Composition of gut microbiota in infants in China and global comparison



2016-11-09, Article

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Symbiotic gut microbiota is essential for human health, and its compositional changes have been associated with various complex disorders. However, systematic investigation of the acquisition and development of gut microbial communities during early infancy are relatively rare, particularly for infants from non-Western countries. In this study, we characterize the colonization and development of infant microbiota in healthy Chinese infants and compare the pattern with those from other countries. The fecal microbiota of 2-month-old infants was considerably more diverse than that of neonates, as indicated by higher relative abundances of Veillonella, Clostridium, Bacteroides, Lactobacillus, Collinsella and Prevotella, and reduction of Escherichia and Enterococcus. The fecal microbiota of vaginally delivered infants (both neonates and 2-month-old) had significant enrichment of Bacteroides, Parabacteroides and Megamonas, whereas cesarean delivered infants had enrichment of Prevotella, Streptococcus and Trabulsiella. By global comparison, we identify three different enterotypes, referred as "P-type", "A-type "and "F-type" which were highly abundant in Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria and Firmicutes, respectively. The three enterotypes' compositons vary geographically. All Chinese infants in our study belong to the P-type. These findings may provide novel insights into our understanding of the establishment of infant fecal bacterial communities.

First Authors:
Ya-Shu Kuang,Sheng-Hui Li,Yong Guo

Correspondence Authors:
Hui-Min Xia,Xiu Qiu

All Authors:
Ya-Shu Kuang,Sheng-Hui Li,Yong Guo,Jin-Hua Lu,Jian-Rong He,Bei-Jun Luo,Feng-Ju Jiang,Hui Shen,Christopher J Papasian,Herbert Pang,Hui-Min Xia,HongWen Deng,Xiu Qiu