• 口腔微生物在口腔疾病发病中起到重要作用;
  • 口腔微生物与全身其他部位(包括头颈癌)的联系愈发受到关注;
  • 牙周疾病与口腔癌症的联系也开始被发现;
  • 鳞状细胞癌是口腔及附近部位最常见的恶性肿瘤;
  • 本综述讨论了从慢性牙周炎发展到口腔癌症与某些口腔微生物间的关联及背后的机制。

Role of oral microbiome on oral cancers, a review



2016-09-30, Review

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BACKGROUND: The oral cavity is inhibited by many of the bacterial species. Some of them have a key role in the development of oral disease. Interrelationships between oral microbiome and systemic conditions such as head-and-neck cancer have become increasingly appreciated in recent years. Emerging evidence also suggests a link between periodontal disease and oral cancer, and the explanation being that chronic inflammation could be a major factor in both diseases. Squamous cell carcinoma is that the most frequently occurring malignancy of the oral cavity and adjacent sites, representing over 90% of all cancers. The incidence of oral cancer is increasing, significantly among young people and women. Worldwide there are 350,000-400,000 new cases diagnosed every year. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are strongly implicated as etiological factors in certain cancers. In this review we will discuss the association between the development of oral cancer in potentially malignant oral lesions with chronic periodontitis, chronic Porphyromonas gingivalis, Fusobacterium nucleatum, candida, other microbes and described mechanisms which may be involved in these carcinoma.

First Authors:
Pourya Gholizadeh

Correspondence Authors:
Hossein Samadi Kafil

All Authors:
Pourya Gholizadeh,Hosein Eslami,Mehdi Yousefi,Mohammad Asgharzadeh,Mohammad Aghazadeh,Hossein Samadi Kafil