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  • 炎性肠道疾病的特征是异常的免疫反应,虽然已经鉴定出几种免疫亚群能驱动胃肠道病理学发展,但仍缺乏系统分析;
  • 采用质谱流式细胞技术对健康和疾病状态的人粘膜免疫系统进行分析,构建人粘膜免疫系统的全系统图谱;
  • 共区分142个免疫亚群,从外周血单核细胞和肠道样品中鉴定出一些免疫细胞亚群可区分病人和对照,并鉴定出粘膜淋巴恶性肿瘤及其前体;
  • 鉴定组织及疾病相关性的免疫亚群,有助于诊断、免疫监控以及肠道疾病的治疗。
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Immunity [IF:22.553]

Mass Cytometry of the Human Mucosal Immune System Identifies Tissue- and Disease-Associated Immune Subsets



2016-05-17, Article

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BACKGROUND: Inflammatory intestinal diseases are characterized by abnormal immune responses and affect distinct locations of the gastrointestinal tract. Although the role of several immune subsets in driving intestinal pathology has been studied, a system-wide approach that simultaneously interrogates all major lineages on a single-cell basis is lacking.
METHODS: We used high-dimensional mass cytometry to generate a system-wide view of the human mucosal immune system in health and disease.
RESULTS: We distinguished 142 immune subsets and through computational applications found distinct immune subsets in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and intestinal biopsies that distinguished patients from controls. In addition, mucosal lymphoid malignancies were readily detected as well as precursors from which these likely derived.
CONCLUSION: These findings indicate that an integrated high-dimensional analysis of the entire immune system can identify immune subsets associated with the pathogenesis of complex intestinal disorders. This might have implications for diagnostic procedures, immune-monitoring, and treatment of intestinal diseases and mucosal malignancies.

First Authors:
Vincent van Unen

Correspondence Authors:
Frits Koning

All Authors:
Vincent van Unen,Na Li,Ilse Molendijk,Mine Temurhan,Thomas Höllt,Andrea E van der Meulen-de Jong,Hein W Verspaget,M Luisa Mearin,Chris J Mulder,Jeroen van Bergen,Boudewijn P F Lelieveldt,Frits Koning