Nature子刊: 用微生物组科学造福大众健康(观点)
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  • 把微生物组科学整合到公共卫生研究和实践中,将助力发现新的生物标记物、疗法和分子机制;
  • 需完善微生物组流行病学研究设计、相关资源平台和分析方法;
  • 微生物组在保健、发育和衰老、营养、慢性病、传染病和环境卫生等公共卫生领域有转化应用前景;
  • 大量基于微生物组的标记物和治疗产品正处于早期研发阶段,微生物组在制药和临床试验中也将发挥更大作用;
  • 微生物组学需纳入教育课程,公共卫生从业人员也应学习,政策法规也需跟上。
微生物组与人类健康息息相关。如何将迅猛发展的微生物组科学整合到公共卫生领域中?Nature Medicine本周发表的观点文章,从科学研究、产业转化、教育和政策制定等方面,围绕该问题展开详细探讨,对相关领域的未来发展具有指导意义,值得专业人士仔细阅读。
Nature Medicine [IF:36.13]

A framework for microbiome science in public health



04-05, Other

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Human microbiome science has advanced rapidly and reached a scale at which basic biology, clinical translation and population health are increasingly integrated. It is thus now possible for public health researchers, practitioners and policymakers to take specific action leveraging current and future microbiome-based opportunities and best practices. Here we provide an outline of considerations for research, education, interpretation and scientific communication concerning the human microbiome and public health. This includes guidelines for population-scale microbiome study design; necessary physical platforms and analysis methods; integration into public health areas such as epidemiology, nutrition, chronic disease, and global and environmental health; entrepreneurship and technology transfer; and educational curricula. Particularly in the near future, there are both opportunities for the incorporation of microbiome-based technologies into public health practice, and a growing need for policymaking and regulation around related areas such as prebiotic and probiotic supplements, novel live-cell therapies and fecal microbiota transplants.

First Authors:
Jeremy E Wilkinson,Eric A Franzosa

Correspondence Authors:
Wendy S Garrett,Curtis Huttenhower

All Authors:
Jeremy E Wilkinson,Eric A Franzosa,Christine Everett,Chengchen Li,HCMPH researchers and trainees,HCMPH investigators,Frank B Hu,Dyann F Wirth,Mingyang Song,Andrew T Chan,Eric Rimm,Wendy S Garrett,Curtis Huttenhower