• 纳入307名男性,对菌群数据、长期饮食信息、血样中的葡萄糖稳态、脂质代谢及炎症的生物标志物进行纵向分析;
  • 对健康地中海饮食模式的依从性与肠道菌群的组成及功能(植物多糖降解、短链脂肪酸及次级胆汁酸生成、果胶代谢)相关;
  • 地中海饮食对心血管代谢健康的保护作用因肠道菌群组成而异,地中海饮食与心血管代谢健康之间的保护性关联在Prevotella copri丰度较低的参与者中表现更强。
Nature Medicine上发表的一项最新研究,对300多名男性的饮食、肠道菌群和心血管代谢疾病风险标志物进行长期分析,发现地中海饮食对心血管健康的保护性受限于一种普氏菌——Prevotella copri的存在。该研究结果提示,膳食干预用于预防心血管代谢疾病,可能需要根据个人的肠道菌群特征进行调整,例如对携带Prevotella copri的人来说,体育锻炼和药物(例如他汀)可能会更加有效。
Nature Medicine [IF:36.13]

The gut microbiome modulates the protective association between a Mediterranean diet and cardiometabolic disease risk



02-11, Article

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To address how the microbiome might modify the interaction between diet and cardiometabolic health, we analyzed longitudinal microbiome data from 307 male participants in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, together with long-term dietary information and measurements of biomarkers of glucose homeostasis, lipid metabolism and inflammation from blood samples. Here, we demonstrate that a healthy Mediterranean-style dietary pattern is associated with specific functional and taxonomic components of the gut microbiome, and that its protective associations with cardiometabolic health vary depending on microbial composition. In particular, the protective association between adherence to the Mediterranean diet and cardiometabolic disease risk was significantly stronger among participants with decreased abundance of Prevotella copri. Our findings advance the concept of precision nutrition and have the potential to inform more effective and precise dietary approaches for the prevention of cardiometabolic disease mediated through alterations in the gut microbiome.

First Authors:
Dong D Wang

Correspondence Authors:
Curtis Huttenhower

All Authors:
Dong D Wang,Long H Nguyen,Yanping Li,Yan Yan,Wenjie Ma,Ehud Rinott,Kerry L Ivey,Iris Shai,Walter C Willett,Frank B Hu,Eric B Rimm,Meir J Stampfer,Andrew T Chan,Curtis Huttenhower