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  • 人群研究结果表明,非酒精性脂肪性肝病(NAFLD)与发生慢性肾脏疾病(CKD)具有强相关性;
  • NAFLD患者一般伴有2型糖尿病和代谢综合征,相关的致病因子与CKD共享;
  • 膳食带来的肠道菌群紊乱同时影响NAFLD和CKD;
  • 血小板的激活是NAFLD和CKD之间的介导因子;
  • 年龄增加带来尿Klotho蛋白的降低也是CKD的一个影响因素;
  • 用于检测NAFLD的PNPLA3基因多态性,也与CKD相关;
  • NAFLD和CKD的这种相关性,与肥胖、高血压和2型糖尿病无关。
发表在《Journal of Hepatology》上的综述性文章。其通过分析现有研究证据表明,NAFLD和CKD具有相关性;进一步分析,NAFLD主要通过加速动脉血栓形成带来肾脏疾病;最后指出多用来预测NAFLD的PNPLA3基因多态性,或可以用于CKD的检测。文章也指出一些研究存在的弊端:比如并不能确定NAFLD的恶化是否加剧CKD?NAFLD具体与哪种CKD相关?这里的肾脏疾病并没有通过活体检验等等。更合理的前瞻性和干预性人群研究被需要。

NAFLD as a driver of chronic kidney disease



02-11, Review

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) are worldwide public health problems, affecting up to 25-30% (NAFLD), and up to 10-15% (CKD) of the general population. Recently, it has also been established that there is a strong association between NAFLD and CKD, regardless of the presence of potential confounding diseases such as obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Since NAFLD and CKD are both common diseases that often occur alongside other metabolic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome, elucidating the relative impact of NAFLD on the risk of incident CKD presents a substantial challenge for investigators working in this research field. A growing body of epidemiological evidence suggests that NAFLD is an independent risk factor for CKD and recent evidence also suggests that associated factors such as metabolic syndrome, dysbiosis, unhealthy diets, platelet activation and processes associated with ageing could also contribute mechanisms linking NAFLD and CKD. This narrative review provides an overview of the literature on: a) the evidence for an association and causal link between NAFLD and CKD and b) the underlying mechanisms by which NAFLD (and factors strongly linked with NAFLD) may increase the risk of developing CKD.

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Christopher D Byrne,Giovanni Targher

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Christopher D Byrne,Giovanni Targher

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Christopher D Byrne,Giovanni Targher