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  • 开发了一种利用深卷积神经网络模型实时评估大肠息肉的内镜视频图像的人工智能(AI)模型;
  • 用该模型检测了测试集中的125个内镜视频,其中19个息肉(15%)无法确认;
  • 在剩余的106个小型息肉中,该模型鉴别的准确性为94%,鉴别腺瘤的敏感性为98%,特异性为83%,阴性预测值为97%,阳性预测值为90%;
  • AI模型可以高准确度地区分增生性息肉中的小型腺瘤,但还需在患者的实际临床试验中进一步研究,以帮助决策是否切除的问题。
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Real-time differentiation of adenomatous and hyperplastic diminutive colorectal polyps during analysis of unaltered videos of standard colonoscopy using a deep learning model



2017-10-24, Article

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BACKGROUND: In general, academic but not community endoscopists have demonstrated adequate endoscopic differentiation accuracy to make the 'resect and discard' paradigm for diminutive colorectal polyps workable. Computer analysis of video could potentially eliminate the obstacle of interobserver variability in endoscopic polyp interpretation and enable widespread acceptance of 'resect and discard'.
STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: We developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model for real-time assessment of endoscopic video images of colorectal polyps. A deep convolutional neural network model was used. Only narrow band imaging video frames were used, split equally between relevant multiclasses. Unaltered videos from routine exams not specifically designed or adapted for AI classification were used to train and validate the model. The model was tested on a separate series of 125 videos of consecutively encountered diminutive polyps that were proven to be adenomas or hyperplastic polyps.
RESULTS: The AI model works with a confidence mechanism and did not generate sufficient confidence to predict the histology of 19 polyps in the test set, representing 15% of the polyps. For the remaining 106 diminutive polyps, the accuracy of the model was 94% (95% CI 86% to 97%), the sensitivity for identification of adenomas was 98% (95% CI 92% to 100%), specificity was 83% (95% CI 67% to 93%), negative predictive value 97% and positive predictive value 90%.
CONCLUSIONS: An AI model trained on endoscopic video can differentiate diminutive adenomas from hyperplastic polyps with high accuracy. Additional study of this programme in a live patient clinical trial setting to address resect and discard is planned.

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Michael F Byrne

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Michael F Byrne

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Michael F Byrne,Nicolas Chapados,Florian Soudan,Clemens Oertel,Milagros Linares Pérez,Raymond Kelly,Nadeem Iqbal,Florent Chandelier,Douglas K Rex