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  • 长期喂食鼠李糖乳杆菌GG可减少高脂饮食引起的小鼠体重增加、体脂增加及肝脏脂肪堆积,以预防肝性脂肪变性的发生;
  • 短期喂食鼠李糖乳杆菌GG可减少小鼠肠道对脂质的吸收,且不增加粪便中的脂质排泄,也不影响小鼠的卡路里摄入;
  • 机制上,鼠李糖乳杆菌GG可与宿主竞争,以消耗肠道中的脂肪酸,并可下调肠道细胞中与脂质代谢相关基因的表达;
  • 另外,鼠李糖乳杆菌GG可抑制高脂饮食引起的小鼠肠道菌群多样性及种群变化。
益生菌对非酒精性脂肪性肝病有保护作用,但具体机制尚未清楚。Experimental and Molecular Medicine上发表的一项最新研究发现,鼠李糖乳杆菌GG可通过与宿主肠道竞争脂肪酸,抑制小鼠肠道中的脂肪酸代谢及吸收,以抑制肝脏脂肪堆积,从而预防脂肪肝的发生。

A protective mechanism of probiotic Lactobacillus against hepatic steatosis via reducing host intestinal fatty acid absorption



2019-08-13, Article

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The gut microbiome has been known to contribute up to ~30% of the energy absorption of the host. Although various beneficial mechanisms of probiotics have been suggested for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), whether and which probiotics impact the host’s intestinal energy absorption have not yet been quantitatively studied. Here, we suggest a novel mechanism of probiotics against NAFLD, in which Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the most common probiotic, shares intestinal fatty acids and prevents the development of diet-induced hepatic steatosis. By using quantitative methods (radioactive tracers and LC–MS) under both in vitro and in vivo conditions, we found that bacteria and hosts competed for fatty acid absorption in the intestine, resulting in decreased weight gain, body fat mass, and hepatic lipid accumulation without differences in calorie intake and excretion in mice fed the probiotic bacteria.

First Authors:
Hye Rim Jang

Correspondence Authors:
Jae-Hak Park,Hui-Young Lee

All Authors:
Hye Rim Jang,Hyun-Jun Park,Dongwon Kang,Hayung Chung,Myung Hee Nam,Yeonhee Lee,Jae-Hak Park,Hui-Young Lee