• 该研究首先揭示了正常人体内肠粘膜附着的微生物组存在显著的空间异质性;
  • 通过肠道微生物空间共变异网络分析,结合粘膜附着微生物地理分布的特征,进一步解释了空间异质性形成的动力,也鉴定了影响肠道微生物空间扩散的关键细菌;
  • 该研究成果第一次为我们理解正常人体肠道粘膜附着微生物的空间建成机制提供了重要的理论见解;
  • 也为进一步研究肠道疾病发生的空间特异性(比如克罗恩病)提供了重要的参照。
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ISME Journal [IF:9.18]

Spatial heterogeneity and co-occurrence patterns of human mucosal-associated intestinal microbiota



2013-10-17, Article

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Human gut microbiota shows high inter-subject variations, but the actual spatial distribution and co-occurrence patterns of gut mucosa microbiota that occur within a healthy human instestinal tract remain poorly understood. In this study, we illustrated a model of this mucosa bacterial communities' biogeography, based on the largest data set so far, obtained via 454-pyrosequencing of bacterial 16S rDNAs associated with 77 matched biopsy tissue samples taken from terminal ileum, ileocecal valve, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon and rectum of 11 healthy adult subjects. Borrowing from macro-ecology, we used both Taylor's power law analysis and phylogeny-based beta-diversity metrics to uncover a highly heterogeneous distribution pattern of mucosa microbial inhabitants along the length of the intestinal tract. We then developed a spatial dispersion model with an R-squared value greater than 0.950 to map out the gut mucosa-associated flora's non-linear spatial distribution pattern for 51.60% of the 188 most abundant gut bacterial species. Furthermore, spatial co-occurring network analysis of mucosa microbial inhabitants together with occupancy (that is habitat generalists, specialists and opportunist) analyses implies that ecological relationships (both oppositional and symbiotic) between mucosa microbial inhabitants may be important contributors to the observed spatial heterogeneity of mucosa microbiota along the human intestine and may even potentially be associated with mutual cooperation within and functional stability of the gut ecosystem.

First Authors:
Zhigang Zhang,Jiawei Geng,Xiaodan Tang

Correspondence Authors:
Zhanshan Sam Ma,Peng Shi

All Authors:
Zhigang Zhang,Jiawei Geng,Xiaodan Tang,Hong Fan,Jinchao Xu,Xiujun Wen,Zhanshan Sam Ma,Peng Shi