Molecular Cell:饮食+菌群,如何改变宿主表观遗传?
  • 组蛋白修饰酶调节转录过程,对内源性小分子代谢物的敏感性使得染色体为应对环境而发生变化;
  • 肠道菌群产生大量代谢产物影响宿主生理和对疾病的易感性,其潜在的分子机制仍未知;
  • 旨在证明依赖性饮食方式中,菌群定植调节多种宿主组织的整个组蛋白乙酰化和甲基化,“西式”饮食可防止许多微生物依赖性的染色体变化;
  • 证明GF小鼠补充短链脂肪酸(SCFAs,肠道菌群发酵的主要产物)后,就足以重现与定植相关的染色体修饰状态和转录反应;
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Molecular Cell [IF:15.584]

Diet-Microbiota Interactions Mediate Global Epigenetic Programming in Multiple Host Tissues



2016-11-23, Article

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Histone-modifying enzymes regulate transcription and are sensitive to availability of endogenous small-molecule metabolites, allowing chromatin to respond to changes in environment. The gut microbiota produces a myriad of metabolites that affect host physiology and susceptibility to disease; however, the underlying molecular events remain largely unknown. Here we demonstrate that microbial colonization regulates global histone acetylation and methylation in multiple host tissues in a diet-dependent manner: consumption of a "Western-type" diet prevents many of the microbiota-dependent chromatin changes that occur in a polysaccharide-rich diet. Finally, we demonstrate that supplementation of germ-free mice with short-chain fatty acids, major products of gut bacterial fermentation, is sufficient to recapitulate chromatin modification states and transcriptional responses associated with colonization. These findings have profound implications for understanding the complex functional interactions between diet, gut microbiota, and host health.

First Authors:
Kimberly A Krautkramer

Correspondence Authors:
Federico E Rey,John M Denu

All Authors:
Kimberly A Krautkramer,Julia H Kreznar,Kymberleigh A Romano,Eugenio I Vivas,Gregory A Barrett-Wilt,Mary E Rabaglia,Mark P Keller,Alan D Attie,Federico E Rey,John M Denu