Nature Reviews:到底什么是益生元?
  • 关于益生元的必读纲领性文献:
  • 介绍概念提出、发展和应用的20年;
  • 对“特异性”提出挑战,认为菌群改变涉及众多物种且有升有降;
  • 提出并解答四大问题:只针对肠道?发酵是否必须?只限碳水化合物?益生功能有实证么?
  • 认为是时候重新思考益生元概念,明确提出新定义并对未来提出展望;
  • 益生元的新定义是:一种不易消化的化合物,通过在肠道中被微生物代谢,能调节肠道菌群的组成和/或活性,以对宿主提供有益的生理作用。
这是2015年发表在Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology,在多个群里分享过,最近关于益生元相关概念的讨论又多了起来,但准确定义和传播的有限,今天我们特意通过MC系统发出来,希望对大家有用。

Towards a more comprehensive concept for prebiotics



2015-03-31, Article

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The essential role of the gut microbiota for health has generated tremendous interest in modulating its composition and metabolic function. One of these strategies is prebiotics, which typically refer to selectively fermented nondigestible food ingredients or substances that specifically support the growth and/or activity of health-promoting bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract. In this Perspective, we argue that advances in our understanding of diet-microbiome-host interactions challenge important aspects of the current concept of prebiotics, and especially the requirement for effects to be 'selective' or 'specific'. We propose to revise this concept in an effort to shift the focus towards ecological and functional features of the microbiota more likely to be relevant for host physiology. This revision would provide a more rational basis for the identification of prebiotic compounds, and a framework by which the therapeutic potential of modulating the gut microbiota could be more fully materialized.

First Authors:
Laure Bindels

Correspondence Authors:
Jens Walter

All Authors:
Laure Bindels,Nathalie Delzenne,Patrice D Cani,Jens Walter