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  • 亚临床坏死性肠炎(SNE)使养鸡业造成巨大损失;
  • 300只出生1天后的肉鸡随机分为5组:基础饮食+正常饮食(对照组)、正常饮食(SNE组)、基础饮食+益生菌(BS15组)、正常饮食+益生菌(处理组)、益生菌+正常饮食(预防组);
  • 使用的益生菌菌株为约氏乳杆菌BS15,实验周期为42天;
  • BS15组及预防组的益生菌补充可减少SNE对肉鸡生长的影响;
  • 益生菌可抑制SNE引起的回肠免疫球蛋白减少,并抑制SNE对回肠固有层中T细胞的影响。
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Probiotic enhanced intestinal immunity in broilers against subclinical necrotic enteritis



2017-11-20, Article

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Along with banning of antibiotics, necrotic enteritis (NE), especially subclinical NE (SNE) whereby no clinical signs are present in chicks, has become one of the most threatening problems in poultry industry. Therefore, increasing attention has been focused on research and application of effective probiotic strains, as an alternative to antibiotics, to prevent SNE in broilers. In the present study, we evaluated the effects of Lactobacillus johnsonii BS15 on the prevention of SNE in broilers. Specifically, assessment determined the growth performance and indexes related to intestinal mucosal immunity in the ileum and cecal tonsil of broilers. A total of 300 1-day-old Cobb 500 chicks were randomly distributed into the following 5 groups: control group (fed with basal diet + de Man, Rogosa, and Sharpe liquid medium [normal diet]), SNE group (normal diet), BS15 group (basal diet + 1 × 106 colony-forming units BS15/g as fed [BS15 diet]), treatment group (normal diet [days 1–28] + BS15 diet [days 29–42]), and prevention group (BS15 diet [days 1–28] + normal diet [days 29–42]) throughout a 42-day experimental period. SNE infection was treated for all chicks in the SNE, BS15, treatment, and prevention groups. The present results demonstrated that BS15 supplementation of feeds in BS15 and prevention groups exerted a positive effect on preventing negative influences on growth performance; these negative influences included low body weight gain and increased feed conversion ratio caused by SNE. Although no changes were detected in all determined indexes in cecal tonsils, BS15-treated broilers were free from SNE-caused damage in villi in the ileum. BS15 inhibited SNE-caused decrease in immunoglobulins in the ileum. In the lamina propria of ileum, T cell subsets of lymphocytes influenced by SNE were also controlled by BS15. BS15 affected antioxidant abilities of the ileum and controlled SNE-induced mitochondrion-mediated apoptosis by positively changing contents and/or mRNA expression levels of apoptosis-related proteins. These findings indicate that BS15 supplementation may prevent SNE-affected growth decline mainly through enhancing intestinal immunity in broilers.

First Authors:
Hesong Wang,Xueqin Ni

Correspondence Authors:
Dong Zeng

All Authors:
Hesong Wang,Xueqin Ni,Xiaodan Qing,Lei Liu,Jing Lai,Abdul Khalique,Guangyao Li,Kangcheng Pan,Bo Jing,Dong Zeng