• 微生物组分析师是一款用户界面友好、整合了最新统计和可视化方法的免费分析云平台;
  • 可提供扩增子、宏基因组和宏转录组丰度矩阵对应的下游数据分析、功能组成和代谢网络可视化;
  • 包括基于OTU表、物种注释和分组信息,可实现Alpha、Beta多样性、物种组成、组间差异比较、机器学习等20余种常用分析和绘图;
  • 同时结合现有文献挖掘和公共数据建立了物种富集分析方法;
  • 可一键下载分析报告,助力生物学家轻松开展宏组学数据挖掘和探索。
MicrobiomeAnalyst,译名“微生物组分析师”,是一个由华人学者(Xia Jianguo)开发的微生物组云分析平台。2001年毕业于北京大学,现任 McGill University 的助理教授。

MicrobiomeAnalyst: a web-based tool for comprehensive statistical, visual and meta-analysis of microbiome data



2017-07-03, Article

Abstract & Authors:展开

The widespread application of next-generation sequencing technologies has revolutionized microbiome research by enabling high-throughput profiling of the genetic contents of microbial communities. How to analyze the resulting large complex datasets remains a key challenge in current microbiome studies. Over the past decade, powerful computational pipelines and robust protocols have been established to enable efficient raw data processing and annotation. The focus has shifted toward downstream statistical analysis and functional interpretation. Here, we introduce MicrobiomeAnalyst, a user-friendly tool that integrates recent progress in statistics and visualization techniques, coupled with novel knowledge bases, to enable comprehensive analysis of common data outputs produced from microbiome studies. MicrobiomeAnalyst contains four modules - the Marker Data Profiling module offers various options for community profiling, comparative analysis and functional prediction based on 16S rRNA marker gene data; the Shotgun Data Profiling module supports exploratory data analysis, functional profiling and metabolic network visualization of shotgun metagenomics or metatranscriptomics data; the Taxon Set Enrichment Analysis module helps interpret taxonomic signatures via enrichment analysis against >300 taxon sets manually curated from literature and public databases; finally, the Projection with Public Data module allows users to visually explore their data with a public reference data for pattern discovery and biological insights. MicrobiomeAnalyst is freely available at http://www.microbiomeanalyst.ca.

First Authors:
Achal Dhariwal

Correspondence Authors:
Jianguo Xia

All Authors:
Achal Dhariwal,Jasmine Chong,Salam Habib,Irah L King,Luis B Agellon,Jianguo Xia