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  • 纳入75名HIV感染者及93名对照,分析唾液及粪便菌群,并进行肺功能检测;
  • 口腔菌群多样性及组成受HIV感染及吸烟影响;
  • 相比于肺功能正常的HIV感染者,肺功能异常的HIV感染者的口腔菌群中,韦荣球菌属、链球菌属及乳杆菌属的相对丰度增加;
  • 对照的口腔菌群与肺功能无显著关联;
  • HIV感染及肺功能均与肠道菌群无显著关联;
  • HIV感染者血浆中的TNF-α、内皮素-1及MIP-1β与肺功能负相关,三者与韦荣球菌属、链球菌属及乳杆菌属的丰度正相关。
HIV相关的慢性阻塞性肺病的发病机制尚未明确。American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine上发表的一项队列研究结果,发现在HIV感染者中,肺功能与口腔菌群组成及多样性相关,而在未感染HIV的对照组中则无此关联。

Alterations in Oral Microbiota in HIV are Related to Decreased Pulmonary Function



2019-11-04, Article

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Rationale: Mechanisms of HIV-associated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are poorly understood. The oral microbiome shapes the lung microbiome and gut dysbiosis can impact lung diseases; however, relationships of the oral and gut microbiome to COPD in HIV have not been explored.
Objectives: To examine alterations in the oral and gut microbiome associated with pulmonary disease in persons with HIV (PWH).
Methods: 75 PWH and 93 HIV-uninfected men from the Multicenter AIDS cohort study performed pulmonary function testing. Sequencing of bacterial 16S rRNA in saliva and stool was performed. We used non-metric multidimensional scaling, permutational multivariate analysis of variance and linear discriminant analysis to analyze communities by HIV and lung function.
Measurements and Main Results: Oral microbiome composition differed by HIV and smoking status. Alterations of oral microbial communities were observed in PWH with abnormal lung function with increases in relative abundance of Veillonella, Streptococcus and Lactobacillus. There were no significant associations between the oral microbiome and lung function in HIV-uninfected individuals. No associations with HIV status or lung function were seen with the gut microbiome. Conclusions: Alterations of oral microbiota in PWH were related to impaired pulmonary function and to systemic inflammation. These results suggest that the oral microbiome may serve as a biomarker of lung function in HIV and that its disruption may contribute to COPD pathogenesis.

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Libing Yang

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Alison Morris

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Libing Yang,Daniel G Dunlap,Shulin Qin,Adam Fitch,Kelvin Li,Carl D Koch,Mehdi Nouraie,Rebecca DeSensi,Ken S Ho,Jeremy J Martinson,Barbara Methé,Alison Morris