Nature Reviews:促进心血管健康有哪些好方法?(综述)
  • 细胞、组织和机体层面的损伤随时间积累,使心血管结构和功能逐渐衰退,造成心血管老化;
  • 不健康饮食、摄入能量过多、缺乏运动、精神压力、吸烟和污染等是心血管疾病风险因素;
  • 热量限制、模拟禁食、调整进食时间等,是预防心血管疾病的有效干预方式;
  • 调整饮食营养结构,如减少蛋白质、特定氨基酸和饱和脂肪酸的摄入,采用地中海饮食,用营养方式调节肠道菌群,也可保护心血管;
  • 耐力和阻抗锻炼、冥想、热量限制模拟药物,也有益处。
心血管疾病风险因素有哪些?如何改善心血管健康、延缓心血管衰老?Nature Reviews Cardiology[IF:14.299]近期发表综述,详细总结了相关领域的基础和临床研究进展,强烈推荐!

Interventions to promote cardiometabolic health and slow cardiovascular ageing



2018-05-23, Review

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Cardiovascular ageing and the atherosclerotic process begin very early in life, most likely in utero. They progress over decades of exposure to suboptimal or abnormal metabolic and hormonal risk factors, eventually culminating in very common, costly, and mostly preventable target-organ pathologies, including coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, aortic aneurysm, peripheral artery disease, and vascular dementia. In this Review, we discuss findings from preclinical and clinical studies showing that calorie restriction (CR), intermittent fasting, and adjusted diurnal rhythm of feeding, with adequate intake of specific macronutrients and micronutrients, are powerful interventions not only for the prevention of cardiovascular disease but also for slowing the accumulation of molecular damage leading to cardiometabolic dysfunction. Furthermore, we discuss the mechanisms through which a number of other nondietary interventions, such as regular physical activity, mindfulness-based stress-reduction exercises, and some CR-mimetic drugs that target pro-ageing pathways, can potentiate the beneficial effects of a healthy diet in promoting cardiometabolic health.

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Luigi Fontana

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