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  • α-酮戊二酸盐(AKG)是三羧酸循环中谷氨酸盐的前体,是一种关键的中间产物,对肠道功能有益;
  • 研究口服AKG对小鼠肠道先天性免疫及肠道菌群的影响;
  • 补充AKG降低了小鼠的体重,促进了回肠中的哺乳动物α亚族防御素(如隐窝素-1, -4, -5)表达,同时影响了肠道菌群组成(降低厚壁菌门/拟杆菌门的比值);
  • 在抗生素处理后的小鼠中,补充AKG无法影响小鼠体重,并抑制了隐窝素-1/-5在回肠中的表达。
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Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) lowers body weight and affects intestinal innate immunity through influencing intestinal microbiota



2017-04-16, Article

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Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG), a precursor of glutamate and a critical intermediate in the tricarboxylic acid cycle, shows beneficial effects on intestinal function. However, the influence of AKG on the intestinal innate immune system and intestinal microbiota is unknown. This study explores the effect of oral AKG administration in drinking water (10 g/L) on intestinal innate immunity and intestinal microbiota in a mouse model. Mouse water intake, feed intake and body weight were recorded throughout the entire experiment. The ileum was collected for detecting the expression of intestinal proinflammatory cytokines and innate immune factors by Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction. Additionally, the ileal luminal contents and feces were collected for 16S rDNA sequencing to analyze the microbial composition. The intestinal microbiota in mice was disrupted with an antibiotic cocktail. The results revealed that AKG supplementation lowered body weight, promoted ileal expression of mammalian defensins of the alpha subfamily (such as cryptdins-1, cryptdins-4, and cryptdins-5) while influencing the intestinal microbial composition (i.e., lowering the Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes ratio). In the antibiotic-treated mouse model, AKG supplementation failed to affect mouse body weight and inhibited the expression of cryptdins-1 and cryptdins-5 in the ileum. We concluded that AKG might affect body weight and intestinal innate immunity through influencing intestinal microbiota.

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Shuai Chen,Peng Bin

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Gang Liu

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Shuai Chen,Peng Bin,Wenkai Ren,Wei Gao,Gang Liu,Jie Yin,Jielin Duan,Yinghui Li,Kang Yao,Ruilin Huang,Bie Tan,Yulong Yin