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  • 交感神经系统通过肾上腺素受体(AR)调控骨髓(BM)来源的免疫细胞,影响肠道菌群及免疫系统;
  • 采用BM β1/2-ARs缺陷小鼠模型,研究交感神经对肠道菌群稳态的作用;
  • 缺陷小鼠厚壁菌门/拟杆菌门比值降低,变形菌门丰度降低,产短链脂肪酸菌丰度无变化,表现出结肠病理;
  • 结肠中Klrd1、Ms4a4b、Csnk2a2转录水平发生变化,白细胞相关转录组、经典补体途径、肠道功能/屏障完整性/分泌相关网络被抑制;
  • 与肠道疾病相关的转录网络表达降低。

Shifts in the Gut Microbiota Composition Due to Depleted Bone Marrow Beta Adrenergic Signaling Are Associated with Suppressed Inflammatory Transcriptional Networks in the Mouse Colon



2017-04-12, Article

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Frequency comb-referenced measurements of sub-Doppler laser saturation dip absorption lines in the + band of acetylene near 1.5 m are reported. These measurements include transitions involving higher rotational levels than previously frequency measured in this band. The accuracy of the measured frequencies is typically better than 10 kHz. Measurements of the observed sub-Doppler line widths as a function of pressure showed that the self-pressure-broadening coefficients are about 3.5 times larger than those derived from conventional pressure broadening of unsaturated Doppler-limited spectra. This is attributed to the contribution of velocity-changing collisions to the total dephasing rate in the low pressure sub-Doppler measurements. At higher pressures, when the homogeneous broadening becomes comparable to the typical Doppler shift per elastic collision, the velocity changing collisions cease to contribute significantly to the incremental pressure broadening. A time-dependent soft collision model is developed to illustrate the transition between low and high pressure regimes of sub-Doppler pressure-broadening.

First Authors:
Tao Yang

Correspondence Authors:
Christopher J Martyniuk , Jasenka Zubcevic

All Authors:
Tao Yang , Niousha Ahmari , Jordan T Schmidt , Ty Redler , Rebeca Arocha , Kevin Pacholec , Kacy L Magee , Wendi Malphurs , Jennifer L Owen , Gregory A Krane , Eric Li , Gary P Wang , Thomas W Vickroy , Mohan K Raizada , Christopher J Martyniuk , Jasenka Zubcevic