• 在爱尔兰用6周时间,针对确诊1周、确诊几周和产后3天内的孕期糖尿病孕妇进行口头调研;
  • 95人接受调研,可视化的分析结果清晰显示:随着孕期进展、获得信息和支持增多,孕妇从一开始普遍有焦虑,烦恼和内疚情绪,逐步转为能平和面对这一可控并发症;
  • 多学科医疗团队、患者教育、家庭、朋友和其他妇女,对孕妇科学认识孕期糖尿病至关重要;
  • 以往很多临床医生只关注胰岛素的使用量和对胎儿体重的预估,但未来应更多关心孕妇心理和情绪。

The emotional journey of gestational diabetes



2017-08-04, Other

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Gestational diabetes is an increasingly common diagnosis during pregnancy, and has a substantial effect on maternal and fetal morbidity as well as implications for future health. It is an unwelcome and often unexpected complication at an otherwise joyful time. We wished to study women's attitudes towards a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. During a 6-week period (May–June, 2016), women with a diagnosis of gestational diabetes attending the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, were invited to participate. Women were invited if they were within one of three different timeframes: within 1 week of diagnosis, several weeks after diagnosis, or within 3 days after delivery. 95 women verbally consented to the study and were asked one question: “How do you feel about your diagnosis of gestational diabetes?” We transcribed their responses and did a thematic analysis of content. To visualise the results of our analysis, we developed an image using iStock, Wordle, and Tagxedo, which demonstrates the changing themes in the lived experience of a diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

First Authors:
Ciara Feighan

Correspondence Authors:
Dr Mary Frances Higgins

All Authors:
Ciara Feighan, Hilary Devine, Usha Daniel, Mensud Hatunic, Dr Mary Frances Higgins