Nature Reviews:正式定义“发酵食品”,ISAPP发布重磅共识
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  • 发酵食品是指,通过所需的微生物生长和食品成分的酶转化而制成的食品;
  • 当发酵食品中含有确切的活益生菌时,才能标注“含有益生菌”;
  • 组学方法可用于研究发酵食品制作过程中的微生物群落演替模式;
  • 需开展队列研究和随机对照试验来认识发酵食品对人体健康的影响;
  • 正确制作的发酵食品及其所用的细菌/真菌有悠久的安全历史;
  • 改善食品营养、调节人体免疫和肠道菌群、含有影响肠道和机体功能的生物活性物质等,是其促进健康的潜在机制。
发酵食品有着悠久的历史,伴随着近年对肠道菌群的研究开展,人们对发酵食品的关注也逐渐增加。国际益生菌和益生元科学协会(ISAPP)于2019年召开专家会议,明确了发酵食品的准确定义和类型以及与益生菌的区别,探讨了其安全性、风险和健康益处(包括其营养属性和潜在的改善健康的机制),并回顾了发酵食品的监管和在膳食指南中的现状。这些内容形成的共识声明文章已于近期发表在Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology上,内容非常丰富,推荐专业人士仔细参考。

The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) consensus statement on fermented foods



01-04, Article

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An expert panel was convened in September 2019 by The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) to develop a definition for fermented foods and to describe their role in the human diet. Although these foods have been consumed for thousands of years, they are receiving increased attention among biologists, nutritionists, technologists, clinicians and consumers. Despite this interest, inconsistencies related to the use of the term ‘fermented’ led the panel to define fermented foods and beverages as “foods made through desired microbial growth and enzymatic conversions of food components”. This definition, encompassing the many varieties of fermented foods, is intended to clarify what is (and is not) a fermented food. The distinction between fermented foods and probiotics is further clarified. The panel also addressed the current state of knowledge on the safety, risks and health benefits, including an assessment of the nutritional attributes and a mechanistic rationale for how fermented foods could improve gastrointestinal and general health. The latest advancements in our understanding of the microbial ecology and systems biology of these foods were discussed. Finally, the panel reviewed how fermented foods are regulated and discussed efforts to include them as a separate category in national dietary guidelines.

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