• 环境中的悬浮颗粒暴露与动脉粥样硬化及IBD相关;
  • 超微颗粒(UFP)是一种颗粒直径在0.1-0.2微米之间的氧化还原活性物质;
  • 吸入UFP的小鼠在10周后,肠绒毛出现巨噬细胞及中心粒细胞浸润;
  • 伴随着盲肠胆固醇水平升高、粪甾醇水平不变,以及肠道与血浆中可导致动脉粥样硬化的溶血磷脂酰胆碱及溶血磷脂酸类升高;
  • 吸入UFP的小鼠Verrocomicrobia丰度升高,放线菌门、蓝藻菌门、厚壁菌门丰度降低,并且菌群多样性降低。
蓝灿辉 | 热心肠先生
Scientific Reports [IF:3.998]

Ambient Ultrafine Particle Ingestion Alters Gut Microbiota in Association with Increased Atherogenic Lipid Metabolites



2017-02-17, Article

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Ambient particulate matter (PM) exposure is associated with atherosclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease. Ultrafine particles (UFP, dp < 0.1-0.2 μm) are redox active components of PM. We hypothesized that orally ingested UFP promoted atherogenic lipid metabolites in both the intestine and plasma via altered gut microbiota composition. Low density lipoprotein receptor-null (Ldlr(-/-)) mice on a high-fat diet were orally administered with vehicle control or UFP (40 μg/mouse/day) for 3 days a week. After 10 weeks, UFP ingested mice developed macrophage and neutrophil infiltration in the intestinal villi, accompanied by elevated cholesterol but reduced coprostanol levels in the cecum, as well as elevated atherogenic lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC 18:1) and lysophosphatidic acids (LPAs) in the intestine and plasma. At the phylum level, Principle Component Analysis revealed significant segregation of microbiota compositions which was validated by Beta diversity analysis. UFP-exposed mice developed increased abundance in Verrocomicrobia but decreased Actinobacteria, Cyanobacteria, and Firmicutes as well as a reduced diversity in microbiome. Spearman's analysis negatively correlated Actinobacteria with cecal cholesterol, intestinal and plasma LPC18:1, and Firmicutes and Cyanobacteria with plasma LPC 18:1. Thus, ultrafine particles ingestion alters gut microbiota composition, accompanied by increased atherogenic lipid metabolites. These findings implicate the gut-vascular axis in a atherosclerosis model.

First Authors:
Rongsong Li

Correspondence Authors:
Tzung K Hsiai

All Authors:
Rongsong Li,Jieping Yang,Arian Saffari,Jonathan Jacobs,Kyung In Baek,Greg Hough,Muriel H Larauche,Jianguo Ma,Nelson Jen,Nabila Moussaoui,Bill Zhou,Hanul Kang,Srinivasa Reddy,Susanne M Henning,Matthew J Campen,Joseph Pisegna,Zhaoping Li,Alan M Fogelman,Constantinos Sioutas,Mohamad Navab,Tzung K Hsiai