The Fast Track for Microbiome Research
By Kang Ning, Yigang Tong
Preface | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 1-3
Stereotypes About Enterotype: the Old and New Ideas
By Mingyue Cheng, Kang Ning
Review | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 4-12
Intestinal Microbiota in Early Life and Its Implications on Childhood Health
By Lu Zhang, Haihua Chen, Sheng Zhang, Jiahui Zhuang, Qiuping Li, Zhichun Feng
Review | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 13-25
Correlation of Gut Microbiome Between ASD Children and Mothers and Potential Biomarkers for Risk Assessment
By Ning Li, Junjie Yang, Jiaming Zhang, Cheng Liang, Ying Wang, Bin Chen, Changying Zhao, Jingwen Wang, Guangye Zhang, Dongmei Zhao, Yi Liu, Lehai Zhang, Jun Yang, Guimei Li, Zhongtao Gai, Lei Zhang, Guoping Zhao
Original Research | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 26-38
Antibiotic Treatment Drives the Diversification of the Human Gut Resistome
By Jun Li, Elizabeth A. Rettedal, Eric Van Der Helm, Mostafa Ellabaan, Gianni Panagiotou, Morten O.A. Sommer
Original Research | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 39-51
Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors on the Gastrointestinal Microbiota in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
By Yi-Chao Shi, Shun-Tian Cai, Ya-Ping Tian, Hui-Jun Zhao, Yan-Bing Zhang, Jing Chen, Rong-Rong Ren, Xi Luo, Li-Hua Peng, Gang Sun, Yun-Sheng Yang
Original Research | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 52-63
Inulin Can Alleviate Metabolism Disorders in ob/ob Mice by Partially Restoring Leptin-related Pathways Mediated by Gut Microbiota
By Xiaofeng Song, Liang Zhong, Na Lyu, Fei Liu, Boxing Li, Yanan Hao, Yong Xue, Jing Li, Yuqing Feng, Yue Ma, Yongfei Hu, Baoli Zhu
Original Research | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 64-75
Agricultural Risk Factors Influence Microbial Ecology in Honghu Lake
By Maozhen Han, Melissa Dsouza, Chunyu Zhou, Hongjun Li, Junqian Zhang, Chaoyun Chen, Qi Yao, Chaofang Zhong, Hao Zhou, Jack A Gilbert, Zhi Wang, Kang Ning
Original Research | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 76-90
How Microbes Shape Their Communities? A Microbial Community Model Based on Functional Genes
By Xiaoqing Jiang, Xin Li, Longshu Yang, Chunhong Liu, Qi Wang, Weilai Chi, Huaiqiu Zhu
Original Research | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 91-105
GPA: A Microbial Genetic Polymorphisms Assignments Tool in Metagenomic Analysis by Bayesian Estimation
By Jiarui Li, Pengcheng Du, Adam Yongxin Ye, Yuanyuan Zhang, Chuan Song, Hui Zeng, Chen Chen
Original Research | Volume 17, Issue 1 | February 2019 : 106-117
Microbes and host dance in harmony or disarray?
By Zhihua Liu
Editorial | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 395-396
Of genes and microbes: solving the intricacies in host genomes
By Jun Wang, Liang Chen, Na Zhao, Xizhan Xu, Yakun Xu, Baoli Zhu
Reviews | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 397-412
Help, hope and hype: ethical considerations of human microbiome research and applications
By Yonghui Ma, Hua Chen, Canhui Lan, Jianlin Ren
Commentaries | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 413-424
Microbiota transplantation: concept, methodology and strategy for its modernization
By Faming Zhang, Bota Cui, Xingxiang He, Yuqiang Nie, Kaichun Wu, Daiming Fan, FMT-standardization Study Group
Reviews | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 425-436
Single-cell metagenomics: challenges and applications
By Yuan Xu, Fangqing Zhao
Reviews | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 437-446
Pharmacomicrobiomics: a novel route towards personalized medicine?
By Marwah Doestzada, Arnau Vich Vila, Alexandra Zhernakova, Debby P. Y. Koonen, Rinse K. Weersma, Daan J. Touw, Folkert Kuipers, Cisca Wijmenga, Jingyuan Fu
Reviews | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 447-460
The association of diet, gut microbiota and colorectal cancer: what we eat may imply what we get
By Jia Yang, Jun Yu
Reviews | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 461-474
Gut microbiota derived metabolites in cardiovascular health and disease
By Zeneng Wang, Yongzhong Zhao
Reviews | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 475-490
Oral microbiomes: more and more importance in oral cavity and whole body
By Lu Gao, Tiansong Xu, Gang Huang, Song Jiang, Yan Gu, Feng Chen
Reviews | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 491-503
Insights into the role of gut microbiota in obesity: pathogenesis, mechanisms, and therapeutic perspectives
By Lijuan Sun, Lanjing Ma, Yubo Ma, Faming Zhang, Changhai Zhao, Yongzhan Nie
Commentaries | Volume 9, Issue 5 | May 2018 : 504-510
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